Indulge yourselves in the discreet luxury and relaxation of our 2 Bedrooms Villa with Private Pool!


The semi-detached 2 Bedrooms Villa offer luxurious accommodation for a maximum of 4 adults, in 50 square meters indoors and approx. 150 square meters, private, outdoors living space/garden. Villas have their own private Swimming Pools with a swimming stream and a separate Jacuzzi/Hot tub. Indoors are comprised of 2 double bed Bedrooms, 2 separate En-Suite Bathrooms, a separate equipped kitchenette and 2 Flat LCD TVs. This unit is comprised solely by 2 separate interconnected Bedrooms from the outside and it is ideal for adults only (or families with children over 15 years old). There is no indoors seating area/living-room. 









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Villas’ indisputable advantages include the individual private outdoors Swimming pools and the Jacuzzi/Hot Tub for unforgettable moments of relaxation accompanied with a glass of wine, overlooking the sea. The swimming stream/current in the individual swimming pools allows also for active and fit guests to keep up with their fit silhouettes! Villas’ guests can also enjoy, on request, various beauty and massage therapies and treatments at the privacy of their own patio/veranda offered by a licensed female Beautician.

50 squared meters

2 Bedrooms

1 Kitchenette

No Indoors Seating area/Living-room

Up to 4 Adults

(or 2 Adults, plus up to 2 Children over 15 years old)

1 Queen size double bed in the upper Bedroom,


1 King size double bed in the lower Bedroom, or 2 Single beds.

Private Pool with Swimming Jet

Private Hot-Tub/Jacuzzi

Sun beds

Private Sundeck

Local Mobile Phone/Number

On request, at your private space

Sea, Messoghi Beach Bay


Free Wi-Fi

Cleaning Service

Nespresso Coffee Maker

Bathroom Amenities

Selective Wine and Bottled Water on Arrival


Luxury Limousine Service, On request